Baptisms From Parson Hall's Records 1724-1752
Extracted from
History of Cheshire, Connecticut
from 1694 to 1840
Joseph Perkins BEACH

"Note -- In this list it will be observed that some parents on joining the church became memebers for the first time and were then entitled to have their children baptized. They had not previously owned the "covenant" and therefore could not have the ceremony of baptism administered to their children. This ruling of the early churches was a prolific cause of dissension and continued until 1660 or later when it was finally settled that all infants might be baptized, whether their parents owned the "covenant" or not. "

[Transcriber's note: Normally, only dates falling between falling between Jan 1st and Mar 25th from 1582-1752 are double dated resulting from the delayed adoption of the Gregorian calendar by Britain and it's American colonies. In these baptisms, double dates are found as late in the year as Sep I have placed [sic] after the date in these cases to indicate that this is the way it was found in the book. - jd]