Bristol, Hartford Co., CT, Old Episcopal Cemetery
Extracted from
Bristol, Connecticut
("In the Olden Time New Cambridge"
Which Includes Forestville)
Hartford, Conn., City Printing Company, 1907
Pages 328-332

Inscriptions from the remaining tombs in the burying ground of the Pre-Revolution Episcopal Church of New Cambridge, copied by Mr. Charles N. Shepard of Bristol, April 20, 1891.

In Memory of Mr.
Jarard ALLING Hoo
Departed This Life
September The 12 1794
in the 24 year of His

you yong companians all
of the dere youth
That by his deth are cold
read this truth
That suddin you may die
AWay your soul may fly
Into eternity
Which hath no end

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs. Phebe Wife of
Mr. Thomas BEACH she
died Aprl ye: 30th 1758
in ye: 91st year of
her Age.

Here Lieth Interr'd
the Body of Mr
Stephen BROOKS
Who Departed this
Life May ye 16th AD
1773 in the 71st year
of his Age

Behold & see as you Pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I are now so you must be
Prepare For death & follow me

departed this life
June 2, 1824
AE 29
[Footstone, marked A.B.C]

Memory of Mrs Athildred
wife of
who died
Dec. 10th, 1811
In the 58th year
of her age.
A pleasing form, a generous gentle heart,
A good companion, honest without art,
Just in her dealings, faithful to her friend
Belov'd in life, lamented in the end

Hear Lies the
Body of Mr JOSEPH
Departed This Life
Octr ye 20th AD 1791
In the 70th year of
His Age.

In Memory of
Mr. Cornelius
GRAVES Junr who
Departed this
life October the
7th 1781 in the 25
Year of his
[Footstone marked Cornelius GRAVES]

Here lies
ye Body of
Hannah wife of
Cornelius GRAVES
She died Novmr
ye 17, 1759 in
ye 34 year of
her Age.

In Memory of
he died Febry 14th
1765 in ye: 68th
year of his Age
[Footstone marked J.H.]

In memory of Mrs
Hannah HILL ye : Wife
of Mr Dan HILL
She Died Febry ye
13th 1766 in ye :
29th year of
her Age.
[Footstone marked Hannah HILL]

In Memory of Capt
Who Departed this
lie April ye 7th 1786
In the 83d year of
his Age
[Footstone marked Caleb MATTHEWS]

In Memory of
Mrs Ruth Consort
of Capt Caleb
Departed this life
November 3d
1785 In the 73d
year of her Age
[Footstone marked Ruth MATHEWS]

In Memory of
Mamre Daugtr of
Capt Caleb & Mrs
died April ye 25th
1759 in ye 14th year
of her Age
[original transcriber's note: "This stone is almost illegible, but I think I have deciphered it correctly. The grave is short and the footstone marked M.M."]

In Memory of
who died Feb. 15, 1806
aged 78 years.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
[Footstone marked N.M.]

Memory of
Mr. Solomon MATHEWS,
Son of Mr Nathaniel &
Mrs. Martha MATHEWS,
who died
Dec. 27th 1803
aged 35 years.
Death is a debt to nature due,
Which I have paid and so must you.

In Memory of Mr
Abel ROYS he Died
Septr ye 6th 1769 in ye 69th
year of his Age.
Behold and se as you pass
by as you are now so once
was I
[Footstone marked A.R.]

Here Lies the Body of
CE Who Departed This
Life Feb (?) ___
AD 1791 In the
69th Year of his Age
Behold and see, as you pass by
As you are now, so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me

[Original transcriber's note: "The inscription on this stone is in very poor condition; the latter part of the fourth line is wholly gone and the figures of the year and age (except the 6) are very indistinct, and I may have read them wrongly. The footstone is marked Nehemiah ROYCE."]

Here Lies Buried, the Body
the Wife of Mr. Nehemiah RO
ROYCE, Who Died August
29th AD 1786: in the 61st
year of her Age
[Footstone marked Rhoda ROYCE.]

The top of a marble slab in two pieces inscribed:
Memory of

Another marble fragment, possibly the same slab marked:
AE 42
Ten tender plants
To mourn my dear
O may we meet
When Christ from dea

[October 27, 1899, Rev. Alfred Lee ROYCE indentifies this fragment as belonging to the above stone, by the age and the mention of ten children. It appears from the record of inscriptions in the old yard made by Miss K.A. PECK in 1851, that this stone is to Lent RICE, who died 1809, AE 42]

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