a history of the north society of Middletown, Ct.
from 1650 to 1800
with genealogical and biographical chapters
on early families.

Charles Collard Adams
New York: Grafton Press, 1908.


[transcribed by Coralynn Brown ]

1. John Hall,, born in Co. Kent, England, had married Esther ____, who died in England. He was described in the Roxbury church records, 1638, as "Mr." and when he reached Hartford he was known as "John Hall, Senior," because the John Hall who had accompanied Mr. Oldham in his 1633 excursion to Windsor, was younger. This John Hall removed from Hartford to New Haven and then to Wallingford. Mr. James Shepard of New Britain, in his pamphlet, has cleraly distinquished between the two Johns who resided at the same time, though only for a few years, in Hartford.
    The deed of William Bloomfield to John Hall, Senior, October 12, 1642, and never recorded, descended from John Hall, Sr., through his son Samuel of the Upper Houses, to his descendant, Mr. David A. Hall of Portland, Conn., who kindly furnished it for this volume. It is in the handwriting of Deacon William Andrews, then schoolmaster in Hartford. It has been rendered into plain English by Mr. James Shepard and reads as follows:

William Bloomfield to John Halle Senior
October 12, 1642.

This Indenture made the twelfth day of the eighth month one thousand six hundred forty & twoe between William Bloomfield of Hartford, Taylor within the iursdiction of Conectecot upon the river on the one part & John Halle Seniro of the same town & jurisdiction, Carpenter, on the other part, witnesseth that the sayde William Bloomfield hath bargayned & sould unto the aforesayde John Hall about three rods or an acre of grounds of his home lotte, the north side of it abutting upon the high way next the river, the south side of it upon the ground of Joseph Migat, the west side upon the grounds of the aforesaid John Halle the elder & John Wilcocke & the east side of it upon the ground of the aforesayd William Bloomfield, to have & to hold the grounds aforesayde to him & his heirs forever. And the aforesayde John Halle for himself Executors Administrators & Assigns doth covenant and remise to & with this aftersayde William Bloomfield his Executors, Administrators & Assigns that he the aforesayd John Hall his Executors Administrators & Assigns shall make & mayntaine a sufficient fence between the said WilliM Bloomfield and himself from the highway northward to the fence of Joseph Migat southward and also to mayntaine eight or none rods of fencing more between the aforesayd Joseph Migat & himself. And the aforesayd John Hall doth furhter conenant & remise to & with the aforesayde William Bloomfield to frame & set up the aforesayde William Bloomfield one barne twenty foote long & fourteen foote wide the st-d to be ten foote high between the ground still & the reising, at or before the fifteenth day of the first month next ensuing the day of the date hereof. And the sayde John Halle for himself his heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns doth further covenant & remise to and with the aforesayd William Bloomfield his heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns to grant unto him or some of them, one coew calf at or before the fifteenth day of November next or thirty shillings, wch of them, the aforesayde William Bloomfield, shall best like of within three months after he shall refuse the syde calfe. In witness to the truth hereof the parties abovesayde interchangeably have put to their hands & seals, the day & year above written.

William Bloomfield

Sealed & delivered
in the presence of us
Willm Andrewes
Abigail Andrewes
John Andrewes.

He was surveyor of highways in Hartford in 1650, in which year he removed with his children to Middletown. He died May 26, 1673, in the 89th year of his age. In his will, dated May 14, 1672, he says he is 89 years old and that it was the fortieth year of his being in New England. In 1659 he was appointed by the General Court for "the entry and recording of such goods as may be subject to custom." His sons were John, Samuel and Richard.
    John m. (1) Ann Wilcox, dau of John Wilcox, who d. July 20, 1673, in her fiftieth year; m. (2) Mary (Curtice) Hubbard, widow of Thomas Hubbard, of Upper Houses, who d. June 29, 1709. He was one of the first three deacons elected in 1670, town recorder from 1659 to 1691. He d. Jan. 22, 1695. His gravestone bears only capital letters and the inscription reads:

Here Lies ovr Deacon Hall
Who Stvdied Peace With All
Void of Malignant Strife
Vpright and Jvst His Life
Gone to His Rest Left vs in Sorrow
Dovbtless His Good Name Will Follow.

2. Samuel Hall2,, b. abt. 1626, England, resided for a few years in lower Middletown. In 1657 he purchased of John Wilcox the Joseph Smith and Matthias Treat homesteads in Upper Houses and resided theron until his death of 1690. He m. 1662, Elizabeth Cooke, had come with the Whitfield Comany. The widow removed to Guilford to reside with her son, Deacon Thomas, who d. Feb. 11, 1753, aged 82, having married for his third wife and her second husband Rachel Savage Spinning, dau of John Savage.

3. Samuel Hall3,, b. Feb. 24, 1663-4, Upper Houses; m. (1) Jan. 8, 1690-91, Sarah Hinsdale, b. abt. 1670, dau of Barnabas Hinsdale (Robert) and Sarah White ( Elder John). (See Hinsdale Genealogy). She d. between 1716 and 1722. He m. (2) May 16, 1722, Elizabeth Stocking, widow of George Stocking (Samuel, George), who b. 1674; d. 1737. He d. Mar. 6, 1739. In 1709-10 he sold his homestead, inherited from his father, and removed to the east side of the Connecticut River, where many others went from the Upper Houses. But when the church in the Upper Houses was organized, Jan. 5, 1715, he became a deacon and remained such until the church was organized on the east side (East Middletown), of which he was the first deacon. The earliest record of a "Society" meeting in East Middletown, Mar. 2, 1710-11, was kept by Samuel Hall and shows that the first matter to be considered ws the erection of a meeting house. He was elected "first clerk" in 1714. He was on the committee to procure a minister. The church edifice was built adjoining his homestead. The church was organized in 1721. He was publicly ordained a deacon Jan. 17, 1724-25.
    All his children by his first wife were born in the Upper Houses. The only child by his second marriage was born in East Middletown. When all the tombstones were removed from the original cemetery, Mr. David A. hall had these placed in his own lot in Trinity Churchyard. He d. Mar. 6, 1740. She d. Sept. 2, 1737.

Children of 1st marriage:
  • Sarah, b. May 16, 1692; d. Dec. 16, 1712.
  • Elizabeth, b. Aug. 26, 1694; m. Stephen Stocking; dau Sarah, b. Jan. 24, 1728; m. Apr. 14, 1746, Deacon David Sage.
  • Samuel, b. Mar. 28, 1697; d. "Feb. the 22 1713, in the 16 year of his age. The first person laid in this yard." So reads the inscription on his tombstone.
  • 4. John,, b. Aug. 19, 1699.
  • Mercy, b. Nov. 13, 1704; d. Nov. 10, 1712.
  • Thomas, b. Oct. 15, 1707; m. Margaret Hurlbut (Ebenezer), son Samuel, b. Sept. 25, 1742; removed to East Haddam; d. 1827.
  • Isaac, b. May 2, 1709.

    Child by 2d marriage:
  • 5. Samuel, b. Aug. 15, 1724.

    4. John Hall,, b. Aug. 19, 1699, Upper Houses; d. Jan. 3, 1767; m. (1) July 19, 1722, Mercy Ranney (John, Thomas), b. Dec. 28, 1695, Upper Houses; d. Oct. 1, 1762.
    • 6. John,, b. June 1, 1723.
    • Hannah, b. Apr. 30, 1726.
    • Marcy, b. Sept. 19, 1728.
    • Gideon, b. Mar. 30, 1734.
    • Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1736-7.

    5. Samuel Hall,, b. Aug. 15, 1724, East Middletown; d. Apr. 21, 1811; m. Feb. 20, 1746, Elizabeth Wilcox, b. 1726; d. Jan. 5, 1799. He owned the covenant Jan. 11, 1747, was captain of militia, deacon of the church, and otherwise prominent.
    • Elizabeth, bapt. Feb. 1, 1747.
    • Samuel, bapt. Mar. 5, 1748. A Samuel Hall marched, Apr. 21, 1775, under Capt. Silas Dunham; was gone 5 days.
    • Esther, bapt. Jan. 9, 1751; m. George Ranney.
    • Rachel, bapt. July 29, 1753; m. Francis Ranney.
    • 7. David,, bapt. Dec. 13, 1755.
    • Grace, bapt. Apr. 18, 1766; m. George Shepard.
    • Hannah, bapt. May 22, 1768.

      6. John Hall5,, b. June 1, 1723, East Middletown; d. Aug. 23, 1754; m. Mar. 7, 1745, Abigail Shepard, b. Oct. 23, 1726, East Middletown; d. Oct. 9, 1762, dau of John Shepard and Sarah Clarke. (see the Shepard Family).
      • 8. Joel, b. Apr. 5, 1753.

      7. David Hall,, b. Dec. 5, 1755; d. Nov. 29, 1815; m. Feb. 10, 1785, Lucia Fowler, b. Nov. 6, 1753, Guilford; d. July 29, 1820. He was a farmer. In battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776. The next year he paid the town treasurer for exemption from service. They had nine childern.
      • David Fowler, b. Aug. 27, 1797; was in business in New York, but ret. to Portland, Conn., where he d. unm., Nov. 15, 1885, leaving a large estate.
      • Henry Augustus, b. Sept. 25, 1808, Chatham; d. July 1876; m. Amelia Maria Shepard, d. 1867, aged 78 years, dau of George Shepard and Grace Hall. He res. in Middletown where he conducted a meat business, but ret. to Portland. Extensive owner of real estate. Epis.
        • Charles H., d. unm., Middletown.
        • Sarah Maria, b. 1837, d. unm., 1857.
        • Josephine, m. Thomas H. Clark; res. Port Chester, N.Y.
        • George L., res. New Haven Conn.
        • Mary Elizabeth, m. Ira Haskins; res. Springfield, Mass.
        • David Augustus, b. Apr. 15, 1844, Middletown; attended the high school and later was a pupil in the celebrated school of Professor Chase. He afterwards made his home in Portland with his uncle, David Fowler Hall, and Miss Lucia Hall, on the old homestead, and as long as they lived he cared for the farm and looked after their business interests. Is now (1908) engaged in caring for his own extensive properties. Member of St. John's Lodge, F. & A.M., of Middletown. While in sympathy with the Republican party, he has his own views, and has tastes that lead him to prefer a quiet life. Res. Portland, Conn.

        8. Joel Hall6, b. Apr. 5, 1753, East Middletown; d. May 25, 1818; m. May 29, 1774, Hannah Ranney, b. May 9, 1755; d. Aug. 22, 1817; dau of George Ranney and Hannah Sage. He and Nathaniel Shaler succeeded to Thomas Johnson in the quarry business, which in after years often brought an annual dividend of 90 per cent. The Middletown Gazette or Federal Advertiser, published in Middletown, Oct. 13, 1781, contained the following advertisement:

        The Free Stone Quarry at Chatham

        known by the name of Johnson's Quarry, is now worked under the direction of Shaler and Hall, who will supply the stone at the Shortest Notice, and all the lowest prices, either in the Rough or finish, and in such Dimensions as may be required. They will contract to furnish any quantity for public or private Buildings, Flags, Grave Stones, or Monuments, and deliver them at any Port in North America. Orders directed (postpaid) to Shaler and Hall at the Quarry, Chatham, will have due attention.

        October 13th 1781.

        This Johnson had removed from the Upper Houses, and was the grandson of the Thomas Johnson who in 1737 had cut from this quarry for 200 lbs in goods the stone for the Boston mansion of Thomas and Lydia Hancock. The four sons named below were very prominent citizens of the town and engaged in the quarry business.

        • Joel, b. Jan. 10, 1776.
        • 9. Samuel, b. Nov. 20, 1777.
        • Abigail, b. Jan. 10, 1780; m. John Colby.
        • Esther, b. Mar. 18, 1786; m. Robert Patten. She gave a bell to the Episcopal Church.
        • 10. Jesse,, b. June 28, 1787.
        • Joseph, b. Aug. 21, 1789.
        • Hannah, b. Aug. 14, 1791; m. John Payne.

          9. Samuel Hall, b. Nov. 20, 1777; d. Oct. 6, 1849; m. Oct. 6, 1798, Ruth Bates, b. May 13, 1780; d. Sept. 4, 1851; dau. of David Bates and Ruth Cheney.
          • Alfred, b. Dec. 23, 1799; d. May 19, 1803.
          • Almira, b. Jan. 10, 1802; m. Timothy Edwards.
          • Hannah, b. Oct. 29, 1803; m. Jan. 20, 1825, James Wells White, b. Apr. 27, 1802 (David, Ebenezer, Joseph, Daniel, Nathaniel, John).
          • Ruth, b. July 14, 1807; m. Selden Johnson.
          • 11. Alfred, b. Nov. 15, 1809.
          • Abigail, b. Apr. 16, 1812; d. Dec. 2, 1825.
          • Samuel Nelson, b. Jan. 24, 1820.
          • Jane, b. Feb. 2, 1822; d. Feb. 22, 1879; m. William Gray.
          • Ellen Mary, b. Sept., 1824; d. June 15, 1835.

          10. Jesse Hall7,, b. June 28, 1787; d. July 21, 1836; m. (1) June 4, 1808, Harriet Cheney, b. July 21, 1787; d. May 24, 1827; dau of Capt. Daniel Cheney and Julia Cornwall (Elisha, Samuel, Samuel, William); m. (2) Feb. 2, 1830, Emma Ransom, b. Jan. 2, 1797; d. July 31, 1885; dau of Amos Ransom and Jemima McCarthy.

          Children by 1st marriage:
          • Charles Cheney, b. Apr. 4, 1809; d. June 4, 1826.
          • Edwin, b. June 11, 1810; d. Dec., 1842; m. Jan. 1, 1834, Rachel Smith of Chatham.
          • Joel, b. Mar. 15, 1814; d. Jan. 19, 1850; m. Dec. 24, 1836, Eliza An Stocking, b. Apr. 15, 1811 (David, Steven, Steven, George, Samuel, George). Children:
            • Jesse, who had sons J. Stewart and Stephen, Joel, d. unm.
            • Joel, d. unm.
            • Eliza, m. Rev. Douglas C. Peabody; she d. 1876; two children.
            • Elizabeth, m. William Morgan of Hartford.
          • Julia Cornwall, b. __ 25, 1816; d. Oct. 25, 1848; m. Sept. 11, 1838, Rev. William Bliss Ashley.
          • Harriet, b. Jan. 22, 1820; d. Apr. 19, 1883; m. (1) Nov. 10, 1841, Luther H. Perkins of Hartford; m. (2) Charles S. Mason of Hartford.
          • Eliza, b. June 27, 1823; d. Sept. 26, 1885; m. Dec. 10, 1845, Charles Henry Sage; son is John Hall Sage of Portland (see the Sage Family).

            Children by 2d marriage:
          • Emma Ransom, b. Feb. 8, 1834; m. Oct. 1, 1857, Rev. Jared Starr, rector of Episcopal Church, Newington, Conn.
          • Elizabeth, b. June 26, 1836; m. Sept. 21, 1859, John S. Jarvis. Res. Hartford, Conn.

          11. Alfred Hall, b. Nov. 15, 1809, Chatham; m. Sept. 10, 1833, Maria Lydia Whiting, dau of Seth Whiting and Maria Ransom, and granddaughter of Amos Ransom, a Revolutionary soldier. He entered Washington, now Trinity College, Hartford, on the first day the bell rang for prayers, and his eldest son, Samuel, was the first son of a graduate to enter the same college. He grad at Harvard Law School, but decided to become interested in the quarry business and succeeded his fahter to the presidency of the company. His long career in this business ended only with his death, Sept. 11, 1873.
          • Samuel, b. Oct. 14, 1834; d. Aug. 28, 1888; grad. Trinity Coll. Episcopal clergyman.
          • Alfred Gordon, b. Feb. 6, 1837; d. Sept. 15, 1867, served four years; was lieutenant colonel.
          • Maria Whiting, b. July 3, 1839; d. Mar. 13, 1844.
          • Jane Whiting, b. Aug. 1, 1841; d. May 21, 1844.
          • James Philip, b. May 18, 1844; m. June 1, 1876, Isabel Harrison, who d. Jan. 14, 1881. Res. Hartford, Conn. Children:
            • Anna Geraldine, m. Walter Spencer Brown; res. Hartford, Conn.
            • Henry Harison, b. July 10, 1878; enlisted in the First Conn. Vols. in Spanish War, and is an officer in 23d Reb. If., U.S.A.
          • Mary Ellen, b. Dec. 29, 1846; m. Nov. 8, 1871, Hon. Oliver Gildersleeve, b. Mar. 6, 1844, Portland, son of Henry Gildersleeve and Emily F. Northam. Mr. Gildersleeve is one of the famous firm of Gildersleeve shipbuilders which began in Chatham, now Portland, under his great-great-grandfather, Obadiah Gildersleeve, who removed in 1776 from Sag Harbor, Long Island, to Chatham and established a shipyard near the one now (1908) in existence. The family have been great benefactors of Trinity Church. He is also interested in many shipping and mining interests. Res. Gildersleeve (Portland), Conn.
            • Alfred Hall, b. Aug. 23, 1872.
            • Walter, b. Aug. 23, 1874.
            • Louis, b. Sept. 22, 1877.
            • Emily Hall, b. June 9, 1879; d. Aug. 12, 1880.
            • Elizabeth Jarvis, b. June 6, 1889; d. Jan. 18, 1883.
            • Charles, b. Dec. 11, 1884.
            • Nelson Hall, b. Sept. 14, 1887; student at Trinity College.
            • Oliver, b. Mar. 8, 1890; student at Middletown High School.
            • John Henry Hall, b. Mar. 24, 1849; d. June 25, 1902; m. Feb. 9, 1870, Sarah G. Loines, eminently successful in business in Portland and Hartford, being president of the Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company. His widow has erected to his memory a very costly Parish House for Trinity Epis. Ch. in Portland, Conn.
              • Clarence Loines, res. Hartford, Conn.
              • Grace Loines, m. John C. Wilson. Res. Portland, Conn.
            • Alice Elizabeth, b. Nov. 6, 1851; d. July 11, 1882; m. Fred E. Gladwin. Res. Portland, Conn.

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